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Kulfi - Maureen's recipe

Kulfi has its own magic - especially when it slips out of its metal tower like moulds, so try and buy kulfi tins..yes, one more thing to add to your shopping list when visiting home. However, if you don't have them, use a metal thali or tray. I often freeze the rest of the kulfi in an old pressure cooker separator pan...covered snugly with cling film..those separator pans are great for cake tins too--but returning to kulfi.

This is an excellent recipe for lazy people, its all stirred lazily, no beating, boiling, bubbling, no slaving in a hot kitchen on a hot day. The only tricky bit is getting the tins to stand on their skinny ends..I match the tins to their lids before hand, and pack the tins into a tight cluster on a tray or thali, so that when filled and closed, I can elegantly slide it into the freezer.

 You need

1 tin evaporated milk - Carnation preferred. Ensure its unsweetened
12-14 dessertspoons of caster sugar - taste and see if you need more
3 dsp cornflour
1 tsp cardamom powder
2 dessertspoons almond meal
handful of chopped pista
600 ml cream
 Thanks to Pamela Timms for the photo. See link below.

  1. Mix the milk, sugar and cornflour together till the caster sugar is dissolved.
    Taste and ensure that the mixture is very sweet - remember that it will get less sweet when frozen.
  2. Add cardamom(elaichi) powder, almond meal and pistas.
  3. Add cream and stir gently together - do NOT beat.
  4. Pour into kulfi tins.
  5. Freeze for at 16-18 hours.
  6. When ready to serve, wring out a duster/jharon/tea-towel in hot water.
    Wrap around a kulfi tin, and then ummould the kulfi onto an individual serving plate.
Here's the traditional method, pretty good blog too!