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Coconut Pancakes

We were able to get fresh coconut from the markets this morning, and it was actually fresh, crisp and juicy; not the rancid stale "fresh" coconuts that the supermarkets foist on unknowing Aussies. What is with them? I think they must keep the coconuts for a few years before unloading them onto the shelves. Don't they know that fresh coconut is not supposed to taste like dessicated coconut? After using half of the coconut to make coconut chutney for breakfast, the rest of the grated coconut was destined for coconut pancakes, a simple "pudding" that has suddenly become an exotic one!
You will need a coconut scraper for this dish, or you can use shredded coconut.

Makes about 12-15 pancakes, that's enough for 5 - 6 people, or 3 teenagers max.

 2 small eggs
1 cup milk
1.5 cups self raising or plain flour
1 tablespoon dextrose

 Beat together to make a pancake mixture, of the consistency of thin cream. Let it rest while you assemble the rest of the ingredients. Add more milk if too thick, or more flour if too thin. Put the mixture into a jug so that you can pour out the pancakes.
1/2 fresh grated coconut (about 2 cups)
or 1 cup shredded coconut, soaked in 1/4 cup full milk for 15-20 minutes

 If you are using shredded coconut, use less in the pancake, as it is stronger tasting than the fresh mixture.
 3-4 tablespoons caster sugar or dextrose
 Place in a pan on a slow heat, and mix the sugar through the coconut. A couple of minutes is enough to dissolve the sugar in the coconut.
 1 cardamom, crushed

Add the cardamom to the coconut mixture. Remove from heat and allow to cool while you make the pancakes. The mixture must be soft, and crisp and juicy - sounds contradictory, but once you eat grated fresh coconut with a tiny bit of sugar through it you will know what I mean.
 2 tablespoons extra light olive oil
Place the pan on the heat, and pour in a little oil, swirl it around. The pan must be only barely coated. Pour in enough batter to cover a circle of about 5 cms, then lift the pan off the heat and swirl it around to make a pancake about 12 cms in diameter.

The batter will form a lacy pattern as the heat bubbles through. Place a lid on for a minute or less.  When the top of the pancake appears dry, and the edges are barely coloured, lift the pancake off with a thin palette  - a rice serving spoon of the Indian type does very well - and place it onto the serving plate.

Place about a spoonful of coconut in the center of the pancake and gently roll the pancake up, placing the seam at the underside.
 Half a lime, some more dextrose
 Squeeze a few drops of lime juice over the pancake and then sprinkle very lightly with sugar.
Repeat till all the coconut is used up.

Serve immediately.