Shikha's Home Made Bakarwadi

This recipe is from Shikha, a new friend, who is obviously another cooking fanatic...I mean, I never even considered the possibility of making bakarwadi at home. I suspect that you would have to come from Pune to understand this obsession..Shika assures me that this recipe is from the famed Chitle Bandhu shop itself. This recipe looks daunting, but it really is no more difficult than home made saugase rolls..make the filling, make the pastry, roll...and fry..
And unlike sausage rolls, if you have an Indian kitchen, you will have most of the list at home anyway.

You need:
 For the Pastry
  • Bengal Gram Flour (besan) : 2/3 cup
  • Refined Flour (maida) : 1 1/2 cups
  • Red Chilli Powder : 1 tsp.
  • Asafoetida : 1/4 tsp
  • 4 tablespoons oil
  • Water
 Make the Pastry
  1. Sieve gram flour, refined flour, red chilli powder, asafoetida and salt together.
  2. Heat Oil to smoking point and pour into the sieved ingredients. Allow to cool.
  3. Knead into a hard dough, adding some water as you go.
Note: Asafoetida is also called "Hing". Its a hard shiny gum like substance, and you need to break off a tiny piece of it, and grind it by hand. Don't use the ready powdered stuff, its horrid!
 For the Stuffing
  • Cumin Powder : 1/2 tbsp.
  • Coriander Powder : 1/2 tbsp.
  •  Red Chilli Powder : 1 tsp, or more, or less
  •   Asafoetida : 1/4 tsp.
  •   Poppy Seeds (khuskhus) : 100 gms.
  •   Coconut (scraped) (i use fresh coconut for this) : 200 gms.
  •   Green Chillies : 3
  •   Ginger : 1 inch
  •    Coriander Leaves : 1/2 bunch
  •    Red Chilli Powder : 2 tsps.
  •    Turmeric Powder : 1/2 tsp.
  •    Asafoetida : 1/4 tsp.
  •    Oil for frying
  •    Salt to taste
Make the Stuffing

  1. Roast poppy seeds on a hot griddle.
  2. Chop green chillies, ginger and coriander leaves.
  3. ·Mix all stuffing ingredients and divide into small balls.
  4. Divide the pastry into portions and roll out into disks, or any shape!
  5. Spread a portion of the stuffing over the pastry disk, and roll up like a swiss roll.
  6. Repeat until all the dough and stuffing is used up.
  7. Place all the rolls on a plate and steam fpr 20 minutes
  8. Remove and cool.
  9. Cut up into small rolls - about 1.5 cms wide
  10. Fry in hot oil till golden.