Chocolate Icecream

1 cup milk, or soy milk, or Zymilk (for lactose intolerant people)
2 cups thickened cream
1 cup Dextrose
1 tablespoon Stevia
1/4 cup cocoa
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
(Vanilla extract has sugar in it)

Heat the cream and milk in a pan, over a medium heat.
Mix the other ingredients together with a whisk to make sure they are well mixed.
When the milk and cream are warm, whisk in the rest of the ingredients.
Cool, whisking vigorously till the surface is covered with bubbles, and place under a fan to cool.
When cool, pour it into a shallow tray or thali. Cover with cling film.
Place in the freezer overnight, at least.
When ready to eat, place in readmade cones and serve.

You can also do this in an icecream churner, but I dont have one. I also don't bother to beat the icecream after it has frozen, unless I really have nothing else to do!