Moving Kitchens

After years of battling with my awkwardly situated airless and left-handed kitchen, I decided to move the rooms around, to get access to the backyard and get some light and air. I never realised what a lot of work it involved, apart from tracking down all the tradies, and all the unskilled jobs that we did ourselves to save cash. No way I was going to pay 20K plus trades for a new kitchen - so between ebay, recycled from rellies, a friend who happens to be a chippy and lots of elbow grease from all members of the family, we have finally moved over.
Okay, its still untidy, but I haven't had the time to tidy up - but I love the fact that I can open the back door and sweep things out, and shake the tablecloth out!
Looking down to the kitchen - the new passageway with the kitchen at the end.
French Doors from a 100  yr old queenslander. I've since changed the ugly lightshade - the one in the pic is now at the bottom of the skip!
Dining Room part - wall cupboards for the kitchen in the corner, will be fixed later. There are no convenient studs to fix them to, so we have to come up with another strategy to hang them. hence dumped in a corner...

new ikea Billy bookcase with frosted glass doors, holding all the nice cutlery and crockery.

The ugly brown dresser moved to the new room..........The new kitchen from the dining room. Window from
I painted it using laminate primer and paint.                the Alexander's reno also the lights...Island from Ikea

The cooktop and stainless steel splashback                  from the kitchen....Fridge also from the Alexander's..

Also note the single most expensive item, that costs more than the entire kitchen and dining room - the new
timber floor. I have hand sanded that 3 times!!