Bagara Baingan or Simply Divine Aubergine Curry

This is the classic dish to eat with biriyani or Raan, Roast Leg of Lamb, or more truly Goat. However, this is one of those dishes that is easy, but not simple..and in fact its taken me a long time to get to this recipe, thats a combination of various recipes, but most importantly, from the videos of the Vahrevah Chef. I played the video again and again, to get a good idea of the amounts of the ingredients, as the video isnt too clear! Andazi cooks will get it, but for those of us who need lists and steps here is my list of ingredients.
Baingan = Brinjals = Aubergine.

 You will need the following utensils:
A deep pan or wok to deep fry the brinjals
A small grinder that grinds wet spices
A large pan to cook the curry
A slotted spoon to lift the fried brinjals

 I use a kadai or wok, as I have one. At camp, I have been known to simply use a deep straight sided pan to deep-fry things in.
After my trusty Sumeet Mixer died , after more than 15 years I think it did good service, I bought a home brand "Magic Bullet" type mixer from Big W. Its cheap and good, and grinds spices really well!