Dhol Dhol or Black Rice Halwa

Dhol Dhol was something my Dad made at Christmas time, toiling over a kerosene stove out in the verandah near the kitchen, as it took so long to cook, it needed its own stove, and a real man's strength to muscle the black and steaming mass into a smooth and succulent halwa. Sadly, after Dad's untimely death, before I had really started cooking in earnest, dhol dhol disappeared with him.
More than 20 years later, I visited my Dad's cousin's in Toronto, and the talk inevitably swung round to the times the cousins had spent in Erode or Trichy or Palghat, and the cooking of dhol dhol! Unbelievably my Dad's cousin gave me this updated microwaveable recipe - but ninot before we had rushed out to the nearest Indian Store, bought all the ingredients and cooked it as well - in the midst of a cold snowy February day, it felt Christmassy enough for me.
The picture is not as good as it could be - I need to brush up on close ups - but, its just black.
What you need

1 cup of black (Puttu) rice flour
   if you cant get the flour buy the black or purple rice and grind a cupful
1 tin of coconut cream (400 ml)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon almond essence
2 dessertspoons of butter
1.5 cup caster sugar

Mix together the flour, sugar, salt to the coconut cream in the microwave safe dish in which you intend to cook the dhol dhol.
Mix well by hand till smooth and darkly glossy.
Microwave on medium for 8 minutes. Remove from microwave and stir well. Repeat. The mixture will have begun thickening at the edges, mix in, and ensure that it is smooth.
Add the butter and mix in well, this will be a little difficult, but perservere.
Microwave on medium for 8 minutes. Remove and mix well.
Microowave on medium for 4 minutes. Remov and mix well, it will be a jelly like mass. Beat smooth. Add almond essence and mix in quickly.
Spread halwa onto the greased tray, you will need to smoothen it out into an even layer.
Toss slivered almonds over the top and cut into squares.
Dont worry if the butter is oozing out of the dhol dhol, just tilt the plate a bit, and pour out the excess.

Store in a closed container on baking paper, or brown paper in the fridge.
Make it a week or so before Christmas.

in case you are worried about all the repeats above, the total time taken for microwaving is 8+8+8+4 minutes.