Idli (and Dosa)

The fluffy white rice and urad dal dumplings are truly a divine treat, straight from the clouds! Accompanied by chutney, sambhar and chutney powder, they make a substantial meal. Typically, we eat this for a weekend brunch, but it can be eaten for any meal, and also makes a great 'tiffin' to take to school or work.
 However, you do need a special "wet" grinder to make these. Alternatively, you can also buy the readymixes and make them up. The home made one makes a larger quantity, and tastes better , but thats my biased opinion, and packet made idlis are better than none!

You need the following equipment:
Wet Grinder - this had a grinding stone, and a stone and steel based bowl. Its very heavy and not to be trifled with!
An Idli steamer, or a pressure cooker, with idli steaming trays
Thin cotton or cotton knit steamer layer liners - I use old "baniyans" or singlets, cut up into a size that will cover the steamer trays